Kemble Community Gardens

LATEST info about the Kemble Community Gardens site (KCG) – YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE HEARD before the final recommendation - deadline Dec 14th (The inspector is listening!)

Cotswold District Council's (CDC) local plan has identified K2 site (Kemble Community Gardens) to be shared as Local Green Space as well as land for for
future housing. However, there is a lack of green space in Kemble as identified by a survey CDC themselves conducted. Furthermore, there was a strong application for the site to be registered as Local Green Space led by the Parish Council.

The independent inspector (who is appointed by the Secretary of State, is evaluating, the soundness of the local plan). He has raised concerns about how the space can meet both needs. The CDC has proposed a smaller scale development than originally suggested - on a third of the site on the south and eastern side i.e. behind Old Manor Gardens and Wind Mill Road. This is cultivated and future allotment space and the KCG Orchard.

Previous surveys done by KCG showed that a large number of residents of Kemble expressed the view that they would like to see the entire KCG site registered as Local Green Space in its entirety and did not wish any housing development to take place on it.

The Inspector, William Fieldhouse, has requested that the CDC offer a further opportunity for public consultation by current residents who live close to the site. You may have received a letter in the post or noted the signs near the Community Gardens.

It is important to note that CDC have advised that should the housing be rejected, Kemble is under no obligation to provide another site for the 8 houses to go on. If the designation of land for 8 houses is recommended, then there is a suggestion that the CDC will pass ownership of the remaining land to the Parish Council as a designated Local Green Space. However, if not, then it another option would be that the whole site could be recommended to become Local Green Space.
This is your opportunity, as a resident of Kemble, to express your views about the land designated for development of 8 houses and their location on the site, along with any other views, or, whether you feel strongly that the whole site should be preserved as a Local Green Space and not built on at all. The inspector is listening!

The golden thread running through the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that 'development should only be allowed if the benefits, outweigh the risk of harm.' This site is unique and a vital breathing space in the heart of our fast expanding village and the character of the site would be greatly affected if any development took place.

Email your views to Local.Plan@cots> as soon as possible but before by 14th December FAO James Brain.

Further information on this part of the Local Plan is available in the links below and in the post below is a copy of the letter from the CDC. Deadline to comment is 14 December 2017, before a final recommendation is made by an independent inspector.

The Statement of Common Ground has now been published as part of the Council’s response to the Inspector’s week two actions. See link -

Please read to the end. The relevant pages are 11-16 and the KCG response 22-24

This is the link to the documents from the round table meeting in October. Our ID is 054.

and here is link from our main statement from the round table meeting