Slideshow of Historical Kemble People

1977 - This is the presentation of gifts by Helen Walker and Heather Ayres to the staff of the Coop shop, Mrs Peggy Lock and Mrs Edie Fields when it was closed.
About 1970, showing left to right...Mrs Rosemary Hall, Diane Dunn, Kath Dunn, Joby Lock, Pat Ayres, Miss Merchant, Mr Baker, Wendy, Michael and Joyce Napper
R Robinson and Cyril Austin cutting logs
The Ayres Family
Hawd Bob Wilkins and Roy Austin at Jackaments Farm
About 1920 - This shows the Kemble and District Co-operative Society Limited delivery wagon. The boy with the barrow is Bert Fisher who worked for the Co-op and lived next to Mr Lock in Vicarage Lane. The man with the moustache is Mr Bridgewater who was the school master at Kemble school.
Harold (Punch) Tellins (Was POW in Japan) with R Robinson with Cyril Austin