A local author has released a crime thriller that bounces between a European city and a town based loosely on Wotton-under-Edge.

The novel is called ‘The Quiet Deaths’, and has been published by Matador.

It follows the story of a female killer, Agnes Brink and Detective Chief Inspector Mark Morgan. As the case unravels and we learn more about a mysterious string of murders.

Amy Hudson has always had an interest in writing but had never completed a full novel until writing ‘The Quiet Deaths’.

She said: “I’ve always been writing but this is the first time something has come together that I really felt I wanted to do something with.

“I started off with an idea of why the killer was doing what she did and went from there. It took me about five or six months to write. I started in October, 2013, and finished in May, 2014.”

The book has two main settings, one being Amsterdam, where the killer is first introduced, and the other being Hipton, where the reader is introduced to the novel’s detective.

Hipton is based loosely on Wotton-under-Edge and may seem familiar to people from the area or in similar rural market towns.

Amy Hudson said: “It’s not really so detailed that it could be recognised but I really wanted a similar market town to contrast with the Amsterdam side of things.”

Overall Amy Hudson, who lives just outside of Wotton with her husband, has been thrilled with the results of her book, which has received good reviews on amazon.

There is now a sequel to ‘The Quiet Deaths’ called ‘All in the Line of Duty’, also available through amazon. Here, the action moves between Austria and Hipton and has an intriguing number of twists and turns whilst moving in time between the present and the Second World War.

Both books were recently featured on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and Radio Bristol/Somerset.

If you are interested in reading the books, they are available through amazon.co.uk and the paperback versions will be out in a few weeks. Take a look at the reviews and Amy Hudson’s amazon author page for more details.


Quiet Deaths  All in the line of duty 





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